Words to Live By – Always Keep Champagne in Your Fridge


My family certainly follows this little piece of advice.  (It’s true – we currently have a bottle of champagne in our fridge right now!)  Ever since I was old enough to drink, I remember my parents popping open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the small victories in life, not only for just us but for our close friends too.  And why not?

LIfe is too short not to be happy.  It’s a lot more fun being grateful and celebrating the things you have rather than obsessing over the things you don’t.  Since Mark and I moved in to our house, we have toasted small accomplishments like getting through a really tough week (or day!) or successfully making a client presentation, to bigger achievements like my brother’s engagement or the birth of our nephew.  Whatever the occasion, we certainly like to take a moment to acknowledge those milestones in our lives.

I tend to be an optimist who sees the glass half full… why not have the glass be a champagne flute?

How do you like to celebrate the small stuff?

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