Winter Party Idea – Hot Chocolate Bar

Brrrrr!  It seems like no matter what part of the country you are in lately, it’s a lot colder than normal.  Chicago has been no exception, in fact it was probably one of the places hit the worst by the Polar Vortex.  I can now say I’ve seen the thermometer read -18 (which was brought down to -40 with the wind chill!).

Regardless if you were seeing negative temps like me or just cooler than normal, nothing tastes better on a cold winter day than a hot chocolate. Thankfully the company I work for, envisionit media, hosted an adorable hot cocoa bar during the bitter cold days.  It was incredibly cute and much appreciated.

Hot Cocoa Bar Beginning

Everything was set up in our large conference room (by Ali, pictured on the left below – thanks Ali!), complete with adorable signs to let people know what to do and what each jar contained (signs created by our amazing designers, Cynthia and Caryn, pictured in the top right below).

Hot Cocoa Bar

There were about ten different kinds of hot cocoa mixes from which to choose – from milk chocolate to red velvet to mexican chocolate.  You could mix and match to your heart’s content (and I did, of course.) Once you had your perfect mix, there was an array of fun toppings to add, including chocolate and butterscotch chips, sprinkles, gourmet marshmallows, Andes mints, and coconut.

Hot Cocoa Bar Baby Its Cocoa

I opted for a yummy mix of mexican chocolate and salted caramel hot cocoa, with an Andes mint melting at the bottom, topped off with some cookies and cream gourmet marshmallows. I savored every sip!

Everyone very much appreciated the mid-morning break from our busy day to chat and imbibe in our delicious drinks.  Taking that small break helped me refocus and enabled me to jump right into the rest of my day.

Winter isn’t quite over yet – why not organize a hot cocoa bar at your own work, or even with a group of friends at home? Go as crazy and extravagant or as simple and refined as you would like – just have fun with it!


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