Welcome to the World, Michael Dennis!

Newborn Baby

Our nephew, Michael Dennis

Well this week has been a whirlwind — we have had so much to celebrate!

On Wednesday night, after putting his mother (Christina, my sister-in-law) through 26 hours of labor, we welcomed our newest nephew, Michael Dennis, to the world.   Isn’t he just adorable?  We are so happy for Christina and Brad and the whole family is just thrilled to meet him.  As a proud aunt, I just couldn’t help myself from sharing this adorable photo taken at the hospital.

Christina and Brad had not wanted to find out the gender of the baby beforehand.  My book club has recently started a tradition of conducting the “necklace test” when someone is pregnant.  It’s an old wives’ tale, but fun to try. Basically you hold a necklace with some sort of pendant or weight over someone’s pregnant belly.  You want to try to hold it perfectly still.  Inevitably, the pendant will start to swing.  If it swings back and forth or side to side, it’s a boy.  If it goes around in a circle, it’s a girl. So far we are two for two!

Mark and I are looking forward to spoiling this little boy rotten.  Thankfully Mama and baby have made it home safely – can’t wait to see him again this weekend!

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