Underaga, Santa Cruz, and Our First Pisco Sours

Sorry for the delay in posts, we had a wonderful surprise for Thanksgiving – my brother, Kyle, and his fiance, Madeline, came up for a visit!  We had a fun-filled long weekend together – and are already missing them!

We were able to share our vacation photos and stories with our family but I thought I would keep sharing little tidbits here and there with you.  On our first day with the Zephyr wine and adventure tour, we met up with the rest of the fabulous group and loaded on to the bus. It already seemed like it was going to be a fun group of people when we pulled up to our first private wine tasting at Vina Underaga.


Vina Underaga

What a beautiful way to start the tour!  We began with a tour of the vineyard by our rather funny guide, Javier.  He had us laughing our way around the winery, learning about the way Underaga makes their wines and about the native people who originally lived on the land.  His comedic timing was perfect and he was a dead ringer for Napoleon Dynamite’s friend, Pedro.


He’ll make your wildest dreams come true

Once we had finished touring the vineyard, we were able to go down into the underground cellars.


Beautiful yet eery

Once we surfaced, we were treated to tasting many of Underaga’s wines – all very good! Since the next day was our first anniversary, we also made sure to buy a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate.

We then loaded up on the bus and headed toward Santa Cruz where we checked into a gorgeous hotel with beautiful decorations, foliage, and mosaics everywhere.  We had a nice room with a great balcony overlooking the courtyard and the rest of the town.


Hotel Santa Cruz

Once we were settled in, we met the rest of the group down in the hotel bar for our first ever pisco sour, which is the national drink of Chile – they are similar to margaritas and are quite tasty. (Mark and I bought a bottle of pisco as soon as we got back and will be posting the drink recipe here soon.) After some fun introductions, we set out on our walk to dinner through the charming town and through a lovely vineyard to Vino Bello where we dined al fresco with the mountains as our backdrop.


The walk to dinner

Vino Bello was a little unexpected for our first meal together as we had Italian food with an American waitress :)  The food was amazing and was of course paired with some delicious wine.  We enjoyed getting to know our trip mates, as well as our wonderful guides, Kris and Luis, a little more as we talked into the night.


Dinner at Vino Bello

It was a lovely way to spend our first night with the rest of our group and a perfect start to the beginning of our wine and adventure tour.

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  1. Patricia
    December 3, 2013 at 3:22 am (4 years ago)

    Fabulous pictures!


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