Traveling for the Holidays: Hostess Gift Ideas

The holidays are quickly approaching and for many that means traveling to see family and friends wherever they may be. As you know, Mark and I love to cook and make festive drinks to share with our loved ones. But sometimes cooking, baking, or mixing just isn’t possible when you are heading our for a holiday out-of-town. Because of this, I’ve pulled together some fun and out-of-the-ordinary gift ideas for your host or hostess.

Studio Oh! Mini Box of Recipes Champagne CocktailsRecently I received a mini box of champagne cocktail recipes as a fun gift from a friend.  With its adorable box and tasty drink recipes, I thought this would be a perfect gift for a host or hostess.  This pairs great with a bottle of chilled champagne (if you’re able to stop off at the store before you get to your host’s house).  You can find the Studio Oh! Mini Box of Recipes, Champagne Cocktails on Amazon here.

You may not be able to bring your prized pumpkin pie or cheesy potato dish to the holiday party, but why not bring your own homemade spice blend? Before you head out the door, pre-mix an appetizing mix of spices and place in a clean glass bottle or jar.  You can even print out your own custom label with your hosts name on it ahead of time.  For DIY spice mix ideas, Women’s Health has a list of delicious blends here. Or you can even order your own pre-made custom spice blends from companies such as Urban Accents. (Mark made me a few fun spice blends for Christmas last year, they were delightful!)

Though I absolutely love receiving a bouquet of flowers, I know that they’ll only live for about a week or so.  Why not give your host or hostess a nice house plant instead?  This would be a good gift for people who are traveling by car. Just make sure it’s something that is easy to take care of and doesn’t need too much attention, like a succulent. You don’t want to give your host or hostess more work to keep the plant alive.  Most succulents are small so you can even fit it in your car’s cup holder for safe keeping while traveling.  You can usually find these in the flower departments in grocery stores, but I’ve found larger selection in places like the Home Depot or a flower shop.

World Market Candy Dish

For the host or hostess with a sweet tooth, you can bring a cute candy dish with their (or your) favorite candy to fill it. I really like this hammered metal bowl from World Market. Added bonus – the host or hostess will most likely put it out right away so you can enjoy the tasty sweets too!

Whatever you decide to bring with you, hostess gifts follow the old adage, it’s not how much you spend or how big the gift is, it’s the thought that counts!

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