Throw Your Own Wine Tasting Party

What better way to spend a cold and dreary fall (let’s face it, basically winter!) evening than to invite a group of friends over for a laid back wine tasting party?

Ever since Mark and I moved into our house I’ve been wanting to host a wine tasting party. It’s such a fun way to try new wines while having a great time socializing with friends.  We decided to finally make use of a wine tasting party kit I had received as a gift quite awhile go – so glad we did!  In our party invitation, we asked each of our friends to bring a bottle of wine to share.

Wine Tasting Party Kit

The wine tasting party kit included everything you need for a “blind” wine tasting:

  • Wine bags to place each bottle into in order to cover up the labels
  • Numbered placards to keep track of which wine is which
  • Wine glass name tags
  • Pads of wine tasting scorecards
  • A small wine tasting party guide
  • A wine tasting tips table tent

The kit was well put together and easy to use, but you could easily reconstruct it using your own bags and labels.  It seems like it would also be fun to create also your own scorecard for rating each of the wines – you can be as serious or creative as you like! Just be sure to include categories such as color, smell, and of course, taste.

Wine Tasting Party Set up

In a previous post, I’ve mentioned how much we enjoy our annual trips to Michigan wine country. Because of these trips, we were able to accumulate enough tasting glasses for everyone at our party, which also sparked an interesting conversation on what wineries everyone had visited.

Wine Tasting Party Glasses

Though Mark and I really like wine and would consider ourselves at least somewhat knowledgable, it can still be hard to explain what it is we do or don’t like about a certain wine. The wine tasting tips table tent that came in the kit was really helpful in providing prompts for different ways to describe the wine we were trying.

Wine Tasting Party Kit Tips

And of course, as is true for any great wine tasting, we had a cheese and charcuterie plate to help cleanse the palate between each tasting.  For helpful tips on how to create the perfect cheese and charcuterie plate, check out my post from earlier this year.

Wine Tasting Party Cheese PlatterWe had a such a great time tasting, noshing, and chatting the night away that we almost forgot to tally up the scorecards and announce the winning wine.  (I think that’s a sign that it was a fun night 😉 ) Before everyone left, we counted up the scores and found that most everyone loved one of the last tastings of the night, a Cabernet Franc.

Whether you’re knowledgable about wine or not, wine tasting parties are a fun and easy way to learn about different wines that you may have not picked out for yourself while having a great time hanging out with friends.

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