The Start of Our Adventure

Mark and I set out on our honeymoon adventure a little over two weeks ago to Chile and Argentina.  We started with a nice layover in Atlanta from Chicago (if you have a choice in layovers, we would highly recommend Atlanta’s International terminal – it was like going to a luxury mall!)  We had a nice dinner and watched the sunset over the runway before boarding our overnight flight to Santiago, Chile.

Our long flight

Though it was a rough night of sleep, we were able to watch the sunrise from the plane, and later start seeing the Andes Mountains – just breathtaking!  Once we got into the Santiago airport, we headed into the heart of the city.  Since we got there in the morning, our hotel room wasn’t ready yet so we set out to explore our surroundings.


Tickling the ivories in a random square

I have to say Santiago wasn’t exactly what I was expecting – it ended up being a mix of Boston and Paris (which is definitely not a bad thing).  We wandered around taking in the sights while looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat.  Interestingly enough there were a large number of hot dog places – which is pretty funny to see coming from a city known for its dogs (after pizza of course).  We settled on a place called Domino’s and had hot dogs with guacamole, tomatoes, and hot peppers.  We later found out that Anthony Bourdain had highlighted the restaurant in his travels on No Reservations!

Once we got back to the hotel, we only had 30 minutes before our guided tour of the city.  We were beyond exhausted at this point but were able to keep going on pure adrenaline and excitement.  We met up with our tour group, which were a few of the members of the larger tour we would meet up with the next day, and headed to the house of the famous poet, Pablo Neruda.  Unfortunately, they don’t allow photos inside the house, but it had a very interesting layout where different rooms were built in separate buildings along a hillside – including a bar and dining room built to feel like you were in the inside of a ship.

Something that we should have probably been aware of before entering the country (but weren’t), was that the presidential elections were scheduled to occur that next week. Since Santiago is the capital of Chile, there were political movements occurring all over.


Peaceful protestors

Fortunately, we were still able to work our way around the crowds to a few more unique spots such as the San Lucia park- the hill where the city was founded.

Above Santiago

Above Santiago

The Mercado Central


And a few other interesting sights of Santiago.


Not unlike a Friday evening in Chicago, traffic was pretty bad when we were heading back to the hotel so we decided to have dinner in the neighborhood we were staying in.  It was the first of many amazing dinners (with amazing wine, of course!) that we would have throughout the course of our trip. We were so exhausted by the time we finished our meal, we both had no problem falling asleep as soon as our heads hit our pillows.


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