The End of Our Honeymoon Adventure: Rafting and Buenos Aires

The last few days of our trip were just as memorable as the beginning.  Mark and I were able to check yet another item off our bucket list by going white (though it was more of a chocolate milk brown) water rafting down the Mendoza River.  Normally this river would be a class 4 rapid or more when the water level is at its highest.  Thankfully for our first time rafting, the water levels were lower and it was more like a class 3.



Mark and I both started at the back of the boat.  I rowed on crew in college (Go Lakers!) and was really excited to be back in a boat and have a paddle in my hand, but admittedly I was pretty nervous about the actual rapids portion of our excursion.  Once we went over a few starter rapids though, I was ready and rearing to go.  At a calmer section, Mark was able to switch spots with one of our tripmates and sat at the front of the boat.

Rafting-Mendoza-River-Argentina-5 We had a blast and were comfortable enough that we wanted our guide to steer us towards the bigger rapids.




It was exhilarating – and by the time we got back to dry land, Mark and I were already trying to figure out the next time we could go rafting.


We were able to get a quick pic with our awesome guide, Diego.

After the rafting trip, it was time to say our goodbyes to the rest of our tripmates and head out to Buenos Aires, just the two of us.  I won’t go into too much detail, but let’s just say the Mendoza airport was like no other airport we have ever seen … or really expect to ever see again.

I fell in love with Buenos Aires the moment we stepped from the airport and were riding along in a taxi towards our hotel.


So you know how Washington DC is known for the cherry blossoms in the spring?  Well Buenos Aires has Jacaranda – these beautiful purple flowered trees – everywhere.  You just can’t help but feel happy while walking along the streets.

We stayed in a very nice neighborhood known as Palermo where we were able to do some shopping, eat delicious food (more amazing steak of course), and walk through the local market.  We didn’t know it but we had timed this portion of our trip perfectly as we were in BA on a Sunday when San Telmo, their renown open air market, was taking place.


It was unlike any market we had been to in Chicago.  There were of course amazing artists and antiques, but then there were themed booths where people were dressed up as characters with nothing to sell… like a booth lip syncing to Grease or a booth dedicated to the Bulls.


Buenos-Aires-San-Telmo-BullsPretty funny stuff.

Buenos Aires was the perfect end to our wonderful wine and adventure honeymoon.  We had a rather pleasant trip back, even with going through customs four times in 24 hours (don’t ask).  We were able to bring a few bottles of wine with us in our luggage, but are now really looking forward to when the rest of our wine that we shipped arrives at our door.

We really can’t imagine a better way to spend our honeymoon. We met some really amazing people, saw so many breathtakingly beautiful places, tasted absolutely fantastic wine and food, and made so many fabulous memories that we will reminisce about for the years to come.


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