NYE Champagne Cocktail: The French 75

Champagne Cocktail French75

Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope you have a delightful and delicious Thanksgiving!  Mark and I are so grateful for the many wonderful blessings and experiences that this year has brought.  We’ve been looking forward to this week for a long time as my brother and soon-to-be-sister-in-law will be getting married this Saturday! We are so happy to be joining […] Read more…

Traveling for the Holidays: Hostess Gift Ideas

Studio Oh! Mini Box of Recipes Champagne Cocktails

The holidays are quickly approaching and for many that means traveling to see family and friends wherever they may be. As you know, Mark and I love to cook and make festive drinks to share with our loved ones. But sometimes cooking, baking, or mixing just isn’t possible when you are heading our for a holiday […] Read more…

A Classic Cold-Weather Drink: Hot Toddy Recipe

Hot Toddy

Decorating for Fall: Pumpkins & Cloves

Autumn Decor Pumpkin Clove Mantel

Mark and I seem to have increasingly busy schedules this fall and even though I’ve wanted to carve up a cute pumpkin for some festive decor, we just haven’t had the time.  While visiting my brother and soon-to-be-sister-in-law a few weekends ago, I noticed their adorable fall decor.  Madeline had decorated a pumpkin with little […] Read more…

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