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Skyline Glow

This past Saturday night,  I ran/danced in the Glow in the Dark 5k race at Soldier Field.  As I went to meet up with my friends Maureen and Megan (who has an adorable blog and etsy store!)for a pre-race meal, it started to rain, and by rain, I mean down pour. We were a little less than enthused at the prospects of running a night race in the rain, but as luck would have it, the clouds dispersed and a rainbow even appeared.  Because the rain cooled things down a bit, it ended up being perfect weather for a run, and it had the pretty effect of making everything shimmer.

Glow in the Dark

Dancing glowing things

The music was pumping as we had a blast half jogging, half dancing while we made our way from Soldier Field, under McCormick Place, and up the lake front path.  They had different dance stations set up all long the route with different attractions at each spot.

Glow Tunnel

Running through one the light tunnels

The dance party was already getting started as we made the turn back around  Soldier Field and crossed the finish line. It was a surreal moment to be busting a move on the field where the Chicago Bears play football.

Soldier Field After Party

Soldier Field After Party

After party

Victory smiles

Though none of us hit a PR that night, it was certainly a memorable race!

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