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Mark and I just got back from our vacation to Austin to visit my brother, Kyle, and his fiancé, Madeline for my brother’s 30th birthday.  What an amazing trip! Neither of us have ever been to Austin before, so we had a wonderful time eating and drinking our way around the city with our outstanding tour guides.

First we went to visit the camp where Madeline lives and works – Camp Champions.  It was beautiful, and we even got to feed some adorable baby goats. (Which sounded a lot like this)

Baby Goat

Mark also was very brave and showed off his athletic ability by climbing up the power pole (which is part of a high ropes course at the camp), stood on tippy top and jumped off to catch a stationary trapeze bar.

Power Pole

We had so many fantastic meals, but one certainly stuck out among the rest.  Have you ever heard of the Salt Lick?  It’s the one restaurant that you are hoping to have at least an hour-long wait before you seated for your meal.

The atmosphere is incredible.  It’s like walking into a festival or a huge BYOB picnic.  People get there just to hang out outside, drink, socialize, and listen to the live music. We went there on Friday night to celebrate my brother’s birthday. An hour and a half flew by while we chatted with Kyle and Mad’s friends (they were so nice!) and sipped on some local craft brews – all before we ordered our food.


And then came the most glorious barbeque I’ve ever eaten.  No joke – best ribs I’ve ever had!  They let me sneak a peek into the kitchen and snap a photo of their amazing BBQ pit.  Is your mouth watering yet?

Salt Lick

We did so much in the short time we were there, including shopping on SoCo, seeing the bats, and shopping at the Austin Farmer’s Market. We couldn’t have had a better time visiting Kyle and Mads and hope to get down to see them again soon.  We miss them terribly but now that I’ve seen Austin – I can’t blame them for wanting to live there!  I’d even consider moving…if it weren’t for the heat!

group love

Here’s some other awesome places we visited:

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