Karma, baby


Do you believe in karma?

My mom has a theory that each day there is only so much energy in the world, and when people act aggressively or selfishly towards each other, they wasted energy that they will never get back. Why not spend that energy doing something good?

I recently witnessed karma first hand (and not on purpose) a few weeks ago while commuting to work.  I was on the bus, about to get off at my stop, but saw that another woman was waiting to get off the bus at the same time.  I let her go ahead of me and she turned left, I stepped out and turned right.  I took only a few steps when a beer bottle came crashing down directly in front of me.  I was totally stunned.  I looked up and saw that the nearest balcony in the building I was walking past was at least seven stories up. Someone must have left it out there the night before and the wind took hold of it.  If I hadn’t paused to let that woman off in front of me, I would have been nailed on the head by the falling bottle. And falling from that height, I’d rather not find out what kind of damage it could have done.

I’m just happy to have experienced good karma – which makes me want to do all I can to stay on the positive side of it!

Have you ever had a positive karma experience? I’d love to hear about it!

Photo credit: http://rukminiyoga.blogspot.com/search?q=karma

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