I Run Because___ 5K

I Run Because___5K - Oak Brook

I Run Because___5K – Oak Brook

What a great weekend! This was one of the first weekends in a while that Mark and I didn’t have a ton of firm plans.  We had a great time hanging out with friends, chilling at outdoor concerts, hitting some balls at the driving range, and then relaxing at a wonderful facial (or at least I did).

One big highlight of my Saturday morning was running the  I Run Because__ 5k sponsored by lululemon with my friend Sam, while Mark and Sam’s wife, Meghan, and their daughter, Hazel, cheered us on. (if you look hard enough at the start line pic, you can see the top of my head 😉 ) I had signed up for this race a while ago without even thinking of where I would be at in my half marathon training. Turns out I couldn’t have planned it better since I was supposed to cut back this week and run a 5k race!

It was the perfect day for a run in a beautiful forest preserve that I didn’t even know existed in our area, plus it was free!  There was a bit of a communication mishap about parking- we barely made it for the start of the race since we had to park in a separate location from the race, and walk 10 minutes to the start line.  Unfortunately because of this, I didn’t have enough time to truly warm up and stretch.  I had a knot in my leg that has been pestering me off and on throughout my training for the whole race, but it turns out I still ran it in one of my all-time fastest times.  (I’ll take it!)  After the race, lululemon offered bagels, fruit, and a free yoga class.  I was a little too sweaty to partake in the yoga, but opted for a tasty bagel 😉 All in all, it was a great start to a lovely weekend.  Anytime I can spend time with friends, doing something I love, in a beautiful setting, is alright by me.

I Run Because I Want to Celebrate Being Alive!

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