How To Create The Perfect Cheese and Charcuterie Plate

Now that Mark and I have been home from our honeymoon for a few months, we decided we wanted to recreate one of our special Argentinian dinners that starts with a delicious cheese and meat (or charcuterie) plate, and of course a nice spicy Malbec. A few things to think about while creating your perfect cheese and meat plate:

  • Place your meats and cheeses on a nice plate, piece of slate, or butcher board.  We went for our butcher board this time around since we knew we wanted it to fit a good number of options.
  • Try to pick meats and cheeses that provide a variety of tastes and textures, but will still work well together.

Creating a meat plate

  • ALWAYS check out your local deli counter’s selection of premium meats before purchasing prepackaged ones.  You can save a good chunk of change. We decided to go with proscuitto, genoa salami, hot capicola, sopressata, and serrano ham. We got all of these for just under $4.00 since we didn’t need very much for just Mark and me (and we still had left overs!)

Charcuterie Meat Selection

  • We like to mix soft, semi-soft, and hard cheeses with varying strengths in flavor.  This time we went with a creamy brie, parrano, herbed gouda, drunken goat, balsamic white, and port salut.

Cheese Plate Selection

  • Pair your meats and cheeses with some contrasting side dishes.  We had spicy olives, avocado, honey, cashews, tomatoes, and baby sweet peppers.

Cheese and Charcuterie Side Dishes

  • And here’s our homemade finished product compared to the real deal at Cava de Cana in Argentina  **Fun fact: the unmarked bottle in our version is actually from Cava de Cano.  They make their own wine but you can’t find it commercially.  We purchased this bottle before leaving the original feast.**
Cheese and Meat Plate Finished Product

Our version


The original spread

  • Wondering exactly what’s what on our cheese and charcuterie plate?  I’ve made a map of our board to help!

How to Create a Cheese and Charcuterie Board

  • Most importantly, have fun and try new things!

To finish off our meal similarly to how we had it at Cava de Cano, we enjoyed a delicious homemade beef stew and pasta with homemade sauce (with tomatoes from our garden) Beef Stew and Homemade Pasta Sauce We loved recreating one of the special meals from our honeymoon and are planning on making it an annual event.  Are there any special meals that you’ve tried to recreate?  How did they turn out?

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