Home Cooking – Trying Out Blue Apron Food Delivery

Mark and I have been wanting to try one of those meal delivery services where they ship you  the recipes and all the ingredients you need.  We were in luck as my parents gifted Mark a few meals from Blue Apron for his birthday.  Mark has been traveling a lot for his job lately so it took us a while to set it up for a week when he would be home, but we were excited to give it a try!

Blue Apron BoxIt was nice and convenient. Everything came in one box (with dry ice to keep the ingredients fresh) delivered right to our door.

Blue Apron Ingredients

Blue Apron packaged and labeled all of the ingredients individually and provided easy to follow recipe cards for Paella-style Rice with Shrimp, Southern Beef and Collard Greens Stew and Chicken and Wild Mushroom Casserole.

Blue Apron Meals

We loved the paella and southern beef dishes, especially because we’ve never tried making these types of recipes at home before.  We’ve already filed these recipes away to try again in the future. The chicken and wild mushroom dish was good, but nothing special. We aren’t the biggest fans of mushrooms (I like them in certain dishes but Mark usually just eats around them) but besides that, it tasted like a typical casserole.

All three dishes took about 30 minutes to prepare and about the same amount of time to cook. The individual ingredients we received were of high quality and honestly a lot fresher than I expected for shipped vegetables. Blue Apron, and any of the other meal delivery services, seem to be perfect for people that enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, but either don’t have time for or hate grocery shopping. Though we most likely wouldn’t become regular Blue Apron customers every month since we genuinely enjoy selecting our own ingredients, I can definitely see us using their service again in the future and may even try out a few of their competitors to see how they stack up.

**I have not been compensated or influenced by Blue Apron in any way. The above views are my own**


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