Hiking the Apalta Valley on Our First Anniversary

What a wonderful first anniversary we had!  That morning, we made our way over to the Vina Las Ninas vineyard in the Apalta Valley. We began our hike by walking through the vines that led the way to a small mountain.  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day – sunny and low-mid 70s with a light breeze.Las-Ninas-Hike-Collage

Hiking in the Apalta Valley

We had a beautiful hike up the side of the mountain to an overlook where you could see both the Apalta sub-valley and the greater Colchagua Valley – both known for their amazing wine.


The Apalta Valley


At the top!

The view of both valleys at the top of the mountain.

On our way back down we encountered a few friends that made their way across our path… warning this video contains a very large spider!

Thankfully we were able to give them a wide berth and made it the rest of the way down.  At the bottom, we were greeted with a lovely lunch and another great private wine tasting.  Something we didn’t know about Chile is that they produce not only amazing Carmenere but also sensational Sauvignon Blancs (which just so happens to be my favorite white!)


Delicious Sauvignon Blanc

The group was so sweet and toasted to our anniversary.  They also began clanking glasses for us to kiss, like at our wedding. (this would continue throughout the trip :) )


Anniversary toast

Once we were back at the hotel, Mark and I popped open the champagne we had bought from Underaga the day before.  We had a little down time before we headed to dinner with the group at an old bakery called, Pan Pan Vino Vino.  It was certainly interesting to see that all around Chile, the country is still recovering from the huge 2010 earthquake.  Half of the restaurant was set up with two large tables and a small bar.  The other half was a large pile of bricks that were left over from the building being knocked down in the earthquake. Though it was a sign of destruction, it was still a beautiful setting in its own way.


Dinner at Pan Pan Vino Vino


It was truly a perfect day – we couldn’t have asked for a better way to have celebrated our first anniversary.



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