Hiking, Feasting, and Earthquakes- Oh My!

Heading from Chile to Argentina, we stopped at a gorgeous ski resort to stretch our legs and take in some scenery.  The resort was beautiful and even had its own adorable mountain dog.


Beautiful pit stop

We hit a small hiccup when we got the Chilean/Argentinian border… the Chilean government employees were on strike!  After a an hour or so, we were allowed to go on our way and head to the base of the second largest peak in the world, Aconcagua (which we could see in the distance the day before on our horseback ride.)


The hike

During our hike, one of our tripmates pulled out a kite to fly in the crisp mountain air.  We also hung out with some “wild” horses – I’m sure they were owned by someone but we were within the national park and there were no fences anywhere. The varying shades of stone and rock were just breathtaking – so many different hues of green, red, blue, brown, and gray. (Our pictures certainly don’t do it justice)


Yay for mountains!

Once we got close to the base of Aconcagua, our guides surprised us with some bubbly.


Toasting to the beauty of Aconcagua

After our hike, we piled back into the bus and drove a few more hours to Mendoza, Argentina – now one of our favorite cities. We checked in to the Park Hyatt, which used to be a government building back in the day.  It was amazing and located right in the heart of the city.

We cleaned up and headed out to yet another memorable meal at Cava De Cano. We walked in to see this…


The spread

Every inch of the table held a wonderfully decadent dish.



After we tried so many tasty and delicious morsels that were laid out on the table, they brought out the best beef stew we’ve ever had and some amazing pasta.


Enjoying our feast

After the food, we were served after dinner drinks and hand-rolled cigars.  Mark was in heaven.


Enjoying some special after dinner treats

We were in such a food coma that when we got back to the hotel, we just fell into bed… until we were woken up by a 5.5 earthquake at 3:19 in the morning!  Now some people might have been scared to wake up to an earthquake, but Mark and I were pretty excited.  Earlier on in the trip, we had talked about how we had never been in an earthquake and how much we wanted to experience one.  Yet another thing to check off the ol’ bucket list!


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