Harvest Fest – Enjoying Local Flavors

Happy fall everyone! This is my absolute favorite time of year.  I always look forward to when the temperature starts to dip and the leaves start to turn (not to mention the opportunity to break out some cute boots!)

To celebrate the beginning of fall, Mark and I went to the First Annual Harvest Fest being held in our town.  It was a beautiful day to enjoy a great mix of local eats and drinks. The board below provides a peek at what was offered and how far it traveled to get there. We tried some of the nearest (the craft brews) and farthest treats (the sausage and roasted corn).

Local Food and Drink

We were really excited to see that a new craft brewery, Flesk Brewery, has opened its doors so close to home.  They have begun distributing in the area just in the past few months. We  tried their Centennial Ale (American Pale Ale) and Occum’s Razor (Scotch Ale) – both quite tasty! We’re hoping that they will be able to open a local tasting room soon.

The drinks were being served up in one of Lombard’s oldest buildings, now owned by the Lombard Historical Society.  It was nice to learn a little town history while sipping on our local brews. We even found out that our street, now located in the middle of town, was the farthest edge of Lombard when it was first founded.

Harvest Fest Beer

Not only did we read up on our town’s past, but we learned about some great new opportunities happening around the area – including a new food co-op.  Part of the Harvest Fest proceeds are being used to fund the Prairie Food Co-op. They are still in the planning phases but we are hoping it takes off quickly and are able to find a great location in the area.

Mark and I have only been in our house for a little less than two years now but we have really enjoyed finding out about the great events and organizations in our community, like Harvest Fest.  We are looking forward to continuing to explore what the burbs have to offer!

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