#GirlsTravel Social Media Week Tweetup

Last week during Social Media Week – Chicago edition, I had the pleasure of attending a #GirlsTravel tweetup with a few of my friends from work. For those of you who are wondering, a tweetup is a live networking event where you interact with people in person, while also holding a conversation on Twitter.  You can join in on the conversation by searching for and including the event’s hashtag in your tweets.

GirlsTravel Social Media Week

This particular event was focused on women who love to travel.  I met a number of extremely interesting and friendly women who share the same passion of exploring the globe. The twitter conversation included topics such as:

  • What’s the best museum you’ve ever been to?(My answer – Hometown hero – The Art Institute of Chicago, with the Louvre as a close second)
  • Where can you find the best dessert? (My answer – it may not be the absolute best but a treacle sponge while in London is always memorable!)
  • Who makes a good travel companion? (My answer – my husband because we have a lot of the same interests and are able to balance each other out)


One of the best things about tweetups is that not everyone has to be physically present to attend.  I had a great time discussing people’s answers from across the globe with the people that were right at my table.  I was even able to get some great first-hand advice about where to go and what to see during my upcoming honeymoon trip to Argentina and Chile (thanks @roscoerachel!)

All of the women that participated in the tweetup were super friendly and easy to talk with.  The regular #GirlsTravel tweet chat (where it is only an online conversation and no physical event) occurs every Monday at 1:00pm ET.  If you’re looking for unique travel tips and a fun way to connect with fellow travelers, you should give it a try.



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