Finding an Oasis in the Desert (and experiencing la Zonda!)

Not only did we experience an earthquake while in Argentina, but we got to feel what it is like to bike in the middle of la Zonda winds in 90 degree heat (so basically imagine biking in front of a huge hair dryer.) BUT we can’t really complain because though the wind was hot, it still felt cooler on our bodies as we were cycling than when it wasn’t blowing.


Biking through la Zonda

We started off in a small park in San Martin and proceeded to bike about 30 miles to the Vines of Mendoza. Most of it was downhill, but let me tell you those uphills were brutal in the wind and heat.  Unfortunately near the end of our journey, we took a wrong turn and ended up in the middle of a vineyard not knowing which way to go.  By this time, we were extremely hot, exhausted, and frankly, rather cranky.  Thankfully we found our way back to the group and ended at a true oasis in the desert, the Vines of Mendoza winery.



We were some of the last people to sit down at lunch at the Siete Fuegos restaurant. I literally had to go and take a birdbath in the bathroom due to dirt and sweat from our crazy ride.  We were rewarded for our hard work with another delightful wine tasting and the best steak we have ever had.


Sipping our reward

The head chef and owner of Siete Fuegos is the reknown chef Francis Mallman, (known for cooking with open fire), whom we had the pleasure of meeting in the lobby.


Frances Mallman

One of the coolest things about Vines of Mendoza is that anyone can purchase and own vines there.  The pricetag was way out of our price range but still a really great concept. We were able to tour the condos that owners can also purchase or rent when they visit their winery – absolutely amazing.


We could get used to this

It was yet another day where we were absolutely exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel – but in the best way possible!

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