Fall Harvest Mantel – Repurposing Wedding Decor

Mark and I will be hosting our rotating dinner party at our house this weekend (if you remember, we had the proper margaritas at the one Meg and Sam hosted a few months ago) We’ll be serving one of our favorite cold-weather recipes – short ribs and goat cheese polenta, and of course a new cocktail (but I haven’t figured that one out yet)

Fall is hands-down our favorite season, which is why we decided to have our wedding in the fall (our 1 year anniversary is just around the corner!) I’ve been wanting to decorate our mantel to make our house a little more festive and thought, why not repurpose some of our wedding decorations?


When planning our wedding, Mark and I were lucky enough to have the wonderfully creative and talented Sherri Tweedie help us bring our vision to life.  She hand-crafted almost all of our decorations and created exactly the atmosphere we were looking for. I was looking forward to bringing back that same ambience into our home.

Almost everything displayed in the above photos is from our wedding in some way (minus the pumpkins).  The mason jars filled with tea lights are only a small sampling of the over one hundred jars we had throughout our reception space, which gave the room a warm glow.  The burlap squares (now folded into triangles on the mantel) were used in the center of our tables underneath flower vases and candles.  The lanterns that are at the base of the fireplace were anchored at the entrance of the reception space welcoming guests inside.

Mark and I had ordered the ampersand off of Etsy just before we took our engagement pictures and painted it a cheerful peacock blue. We are still so grateful to Wyckoff-Tweedie Photographers for doing such a beautiful job on not only the engagement photos but the wedding photos as well.  You can see a sample wedding photo in the frame next to the ampersand.  (We have yet to make our wedding album, but are hoping to get to that soon!)  On the other side of the mantle I included a decorated “P”.  This was created by my good friend, and bridesmaid, Brittany.  She had saved the bits and pieces of our save the date, invitations, and a few other materials leading up to our wedding and decorated the letter with it. She is so talented and thoughtful!

It was nostalgic and rewarding to be able to break out our wedding decor once again.  Hopefully our dinner guests will feel cozy and at home while we enjoy some good ol’ comfort food while having some pleasant fireside chats (and laughs) well into the night.

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