Discovering Mocktails: Non-alcoholic Drink Recipe

For the past few years, Mark and I (and a group of our friends) have given up alcohol for Lent. (though we always go on our annual wine trip during that time and take dispensation :) ) It gets pretty hard considering we meet up with friends most Monday nights to watch whatever sport is in season, have a beer, and relax after work.  We also really enjoy drinking wine with dinner most nights, with an occasional cocktail thrown in there for good measure.

Since one of my new year’s resolutions was to make every drink in the book Tequila Mockingbird by the end of the year, we decided to try out one of the mocktails.  All of the drinks in the book are related to a classic book and have very entertaining descriptions. We chose the Phantom TollJuice because we had most of the fixings on hand already AND The Phantom Tollbooth was one of my all time favorite books growing up.

The Phantom TollJuice – Mocktail Recipe

Mocktail - Phantom TollJuice Recipe

The original recipe makes 8 drinks, but since it was just Mark and I, I adjusted it accordingly.  Kool-Aid was something I had to run to the store for – I don’t think we ever had this in our house, even growing up, but it was something that automatically made me think of summers as a kid.

  • 1 serving of Kool-Aid (one heaping tablespoon mixed with 8 oz of water)
    • The store only had tropical punch so I also grabbed a Mio liquid water enhancer in Orange Tangerine to mix things up a bit
  • Club soda (enough to fill two rocks glasses)
  • Lime wedges
  • Ice cube tray

First make the Kool-Aid or combine the water and Mio flavor to taste – mix well.  We mixed ours in a glass measuring cup that has a handle and a pour spout for easy measuring and pouring.  Then pour the mixture into an ice cube tray and place in the freezer until frozen.

We went with half tropical punch and half orange (though if you look closely the tropical punch started to mix with the orange at the top)

Mocktail - Phantom TollJuice Recipe

Once frozen, put a few of the cubes in a rocks glass.

Mocktail Drink Recipe - Phantom TollJuice

And fill the glass with club soda.

Mocktail Drink Recipe - Phantom TollJuice

Finally, finish with a lime wedge.

Mocktail Drink Recipe - Phantom TollJuice

This drink was tasty and refreshing.  We decided that these would be great to try with vodka or tequila (after Easter!)

I’m always looking to try new drinks! Do you have any interesting mocktail recipes?


If you’re interested, I’ve also included the full mocktail recipe for 8 people below:

  • 1 packet of Kool-Aid (pre-sugared) – make according to directions on packet
  • 1 liter of club soda
  • Lime wedges for garnish


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