Decorating with Nature – Hanging Terrariums

Have you ever noticed that whenever you have people over, they always seem to gather in the kitchen? Much to my husband’s dismay, this happens quite frequently at our house (he’d rather everyone gather in the living room or on the patio).  But that is why we made sure to have a kitchen where our guests could gather while we were putting last minute touches on any tasty dishes we’re whipping up.

I’ve been thinking about this lately and decided I needed to spruce up the room a bit for when we have friends and family over.  Mark and I both love to cook and we are usually both preparing something at the same time so I knew I didn’t want to add anything that would take up too much counter space. I was also thinking about how much I love the greenery and flowers we grow in our yard outside, and that it would be nice to have the same effect inside.

I have to admit something though – I have a decent green thumb when it comes to growing plants outdoors… but I basically kill everything if I need to keep it alive indoors.  Not sure why – just always happens.  In fact the ONLY plant I’ve kept alive for longer than a few months inside my house is a bamboo shoot I bought when I moved into my first apartment.  It’s still alive and kicking – even with one of my cats using it as a gnawing stick when she was a kitten.

And speaking of cats, I also wanted to make sure that whatever I added to the kitchen wouldn’t be something that my cats could easily eat or knock over.  That’s when I found these adorable hanging terrariums on Etsy (there are similar ones sold at CB2 – I chose the Etsy ones because of the flat base in case I ever want to have them on a table top.)

Decorating with nature - hanging terrarium

I bought some adorably petite succulents to place inside which hopefully will take care of my not-so-green-indoor-plant thumb. Succulents don’t need to be watered often and are quite hardy.   I secured small white hooks between the lights above the window and used transparent picture hanging wire.  I was a little worried about the weight of the terrarium so I wrapped the wire around the loop several times.

Decorating with nature - hanging terrarium

I think they add a perfect touch to the room without getting in the way of the view of our backyard.  They also balance each other out since the two windows are of similar size and are on either side of the outside corner of the kitchen.  My cats have been interested in looking at them, but fortunately I think they are a bit too lazy to try and jump at them.

(Psst – the bamboo shoot makes a cameo on the left below!)

Decorating with Nature - Hanging Terrariums

I like how these turned out so much that I’ve found myself pondering additional rooms where hanging terrariums might look nice.  We don’t really have any other window space where it would work due to blinds, but I think they might be cute to hang them in a set of three in our bedroom over our dresser.

Have you added any new decor with a dash of nature to your home?

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