Date Idea: Old School Italian Cooking Class

Mark and I love to cook and really enjoy trying new recipes together. When we first started dating, I lived in an apartment in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago where The Chopping Block, a recreational cooking school, is located. Since we had so much fun going there during our early years of dating, we decided to take a class to celebrate our second {wedding} anniversary a few months ago.

Old School Italian Class

The theme of the class was Old School Italian where we learned to make meatballs with classic marinara, garlic bread, handmade fettuccine with alfredo sauce and tiramisu.  This was a hands-on class which made it perfect for couples like ourselves, groups of friends, or even individuals looking to expand their culinary skills.

Old School Italian Meatball Ingredients

Since this class was about foods that we already cook on a semi-regular basis (though we certainly don’t make hand-made pasta regularly), it was great to learn about new mixtures and techniques.  For instance, the meatballs were a mix of beef, pork and prosciutto(!) They were so delicious that I don’t think we’ll be making meatballs without prosciutto again.

Old School Italian Cooking Meatballs

We had a wonderful instructor who was helpful and really quite funny, which made the class all the more enjoyable.

Old School Italian Pasta Making Instructor

The hardest and best part of the class was learning to make our own pasta.  Due to time constraints, most of the prep work was done for us by the professionals ahead of time so we were left with the fun part – cutting, stretching, and cranking out the pasta. Stretching the pasta out was a two person job but then we had fun taking turns cranking out the fettuccini.

Old School Italian Pasta Making Teamwork

Old School Italian Pasta Making

Once the pasta was ready, we cooked it and whipped up the delicious alfredo sauce. We also learned that making homemade tiramisu isn’t actually that hard – no baking required. Just layering and chilling.

Old School Italian Tiramisu

Our three-hour class flew by and ended the best way possible – with lunch!

Old School Italian Pasta Meatballs Garlic BreadIt was great to be able to taste the fruits of our labor – and that there was so much left over that we were able to take some home for later.

Old School Italian Plated DinnerIf you’re looking for a fun interactive date, look up a cooking class in your area.  You’ll learn something new and most likely get a tasty treat.



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