Biking – and wining all the way

You mean you don’t start your day with a wine tasting? Huh, that’s weird.


Pre-bike ride tasting

Okay maybe not too normal, but we had to start early if we were going to fit in more than one tasting.  We began our day at Emiliana Winery, had a great tasting and started on our way for a gorgeous bike ride through the countryside.


After our ride

We rode about 12 miles to the next winery, Lomo Larga, and were treated with another wonderful picnic lunch.


Amazing picnic lunch

And then, had another wine tour and tasting, of course.


Lomo Larga (aka reward for biking)

Fun Fact: We also met our cat, Finn’s long lost Chilean cousin!  The Chilean Finn is on the left and the American Finn is on the right.



The next day we headed for the coast to Vino del Mar.  We stayed in a wonderful hotel right on the ocean.


Vino Del Mar

We had another great dinner and a lovely walk on the beach to close out the night – just amazing. The next morning we had some free time and were fortunate enough to join some of our fellow travel buddies for some morning yoga on the beach – which was another one of our most favorite memories from the trip. WIsh we could wake up every morning that way!

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