Bachelorette Party Ideas

The weekend of Madeline’s bachelorette party finally came- what a blast!

Bachelorette Party Ideas

In my last post I had provided a few ideas for a tasteful bachelorette.  Madeline was able to fly in a little early so we were able to check a few of those of the list.  On Thursday, we had a nice leisurely day of shopping in order to find Mads the perfect outfit for the big party on Saturday.  On Friday, Mads, our friend, Mandy, and I took a day trip to lovely New Buffalo, MI for some fun wine tasting. (As you may recall from a past post, this is where Mark and I go every March to get away for the weekend)

On Saturday, we chilled out in the morning and got ready for the night’s festivities. We met the rest of the guests at Cafe BaBaReeba in Lincoln Park for some scrumptious tapas.  While there we played a few games to get into the bachelorette mood.  After that we headed over to a comedy show at The Second City to see their newest sketch show, Depraved New WorldIt was hilarious and had the right amount of silly and adult humor for a bachelorette party. I would definitely recommend seeing it!

Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

And to round out the night we hit up a few chill bars in the Old Town neighborhood, ranging from Irish pubs to fancy schmancy cocktail bars.  All in all, we had a great time and were able to have fun without the tacky, typical debauchery.

If you’re planning a tasteful bachelorette party, I’ve included few tips below:

  • Plan a prix fixe menu, if possible. I was able to work with Cafe BaBaReeba’s event staff a few weeks ahead of time to pick out the menu and reserve a private table.  Their staff was very helpful which eased my mind knowing that the food was all set and the wait staff wouldn’t have to deal with a million individual orders.
  • Rather than the typical raunchy bachelorette party decorations, I opted for some fun “photobooth” props that I found on a shop called CleverMarten on Etsy – featured in the photo above. We had a great time taking pictures with the props throughout the night.
  • Though we wanted to keep it classy, that didn’t mean we couldn’t have any fun. I had asked everyone to purchase a pair of panties for Mads and bring it to the party.  Once the guests got there, I placed all the panties into a bag.  After dinner, we had Mads select panties out of the bag one by one and guess who had bought them for her.  If she guessed wrong, she had to take a drink. If she guessed right, that person had to drink.

Since the other bridesmaids weren’t able to attend the bachelorette party, we are also planning on having another get together the week of the wedding to go to one of those BYOB painting classes.  Should be a great time!

Do you have any tasteful bachelorette party suggestions or tips? I’d love to hear them!

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