Alternative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

I’ve never really been too into Valentine’s Day.  Though I do like any excuse to go out on a special date with my husband, I think that Valentine’s Day has been blown out of proportion over the years, and frankly, gotten a little stale.

Because of this, I came up with a few date ideas that are an alternative to the normal go out to an expensive restaurant and get each other random gifts you probably won’t use.  Instead, these ideas are meant to create fun experiences for you and your loved one which in turn create great memories to look back on.

Go to a museum

When’s the last time you spent the day wandering around a museum? If you’re like me, it’s been awhile even though I absolutely love them. Since we live right outside of Chicago, we have so many amazing museums to choose from that will fit anyone’s interest.

Take a hike or go cross country skiing

Right now, our area is covered in a beautiful blanket of snow.  If it isn’t too cold out, why not check out a local nature preserve that has a trail and take a walk? Or better yet, check out your local cross country ski areas. In the Chicago burbs, places like the Sagawau Nordic Ski Program in Lemont or the Morton Arboretum in Lisle not only have groomed trails but they also have ski rentals if you don’t have your own.

Go on a brewery tour

We seriously beer. Which is great because a new brewery seems to be opening in our area every month or so.  I bet if you did a little research you would find the same in your area.  Mark and I always have a great time going on brewery tours not only to learn about how their beer is made, but of course, to taste it too.  A few of our favorites are:

Have a video and board game tournament

Mark and I love to play games – whether it’s a sport, board, or video.  If the weather is keeping you indoors, why not hold a friendly tournament of various games you like to play? Or even try a few new ones? is a useful website where you can check out thousands of games, how many players are needed, and how long it takes to play the game.  You can even make a wager that the loser has to cook dinner.

There are so many fun Valentine’s Day date ideas out there, I encourage you to think outside of the typical V-Day date box and do something fun and memorable.

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