Adventures in Horseback Riding

If Mark and I were to pick one of our favorite memories from the trip, we probably would both choose horse back riding through the Vina San Esteban vineyard, ending in a private wine tasting at an overlook.


Beautiful roses

When I was a kid, my family camped all over the US and were able to visit a good chunk of the country’s national parks.  Whenever we would get to our destination, my parents would let us choose an activity for the family to try.  If it was available, I always chose horse back riding.  I haven’t ridden a horse in quite a few years, but this was the first time Mark had ever been horseback riding.  Originally, poor Mark was placed on very energetic horse that would not stop moving the second he got on.  We came to find out that the horse’s name was No Tocame or in English, Don’t Touch Me…. Our guide wasn’t much help as he did not provide any instructions on how to direct the horse.  Thankfully one of our tripmates,Terry, had owned horses and had previously trained them for a living – I think Mark would have had a completely different ride if it hadn’t been for her!  We were able to flag down the guide to tell him that Mark NEEDED to switch horses.  They obliged and put him on a nice gentle horse named Bill (which for those of you who are as big of LOTR nerds, this was perfect!)


Good ol’ Bill

We headed out through the vineyards.


Our guide

Though Bill was a gentle horse, he still had a mind of his own and liked to find his own paths on the trail – and go down the middle of the vines rather than the path :)


The rode less traveled

During our ride, we were treated with awe-inspiring views of the vineyards and mountains. Off in the distance was Aconcagua, which is the highest peak outside of the Himalayas.


Gorgeous views

We made it to a vista at the top of the foothill and dismounted our horses to go see some ancient petroglyphs on rocks at the top on foot.


My trusty horse, Rose

After some exploring, we got back on our horses and headed to the overlook where we enjoyed some delicious wine from Vina San Esteban.


Near the top

It was so beautiful and peaceful – we didn’t want to leave.


View from our private tasting

But alas, we had to head out to get to dinner at a private house called Casa San Regis.  Where we were lucky enough to meet our gracious host (the Chilean Sandra Bullock!)


Our host

She told us her family’s amazing story of how they had lost the house due to regime changes in Chile, where political groups seized their property, and how they were able to get it back, but have to continue to work to keep it in the family.

We had one of the best meals of the trip at Casa San Regis, and continued to have more delicious wine.


Newlywed life

Our tripmates continued to help celebrate our honeymoon/anniversary by clinking their glasses for us to kiss.  It was an all-around perfect day with beautiful scenery, a little adventure, and of course, amazing wine and food.

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