A {Rainy} Day at the Races



(Pardon my photos – they were taken with my phone)

On Saturday, Mark and I went with my parents to Rocktoberfest at Hawthorne Race Course. I’ve only been to the race tracks a few times before but each time I’ve gone I’ve had a great time – even if I only bet on a few of the actual races.

Hawthorne Race Course

This time around the race course was hosting a craft beer tasting throughout the day. We had fun tasting various beers while watching the races – and watching the clouds roll in and out.  It was a rather rainy (and thundery!) afternoon but we were lucky enough to grab a table just underneath the awning to stay dry.


Plus we were treated to a gorgeous sunset once the clouds dispersed a bit.


I really think horses are beautiful creatures and I love to watch them gallop around, but I found myself enjoying people watching even more. People were there from all walks of life.  It was great to see everyone cheering together when each race occurred and chatting and joking around when we were huddled together to get out of the rain. Everyone had a story to tell and a different perspective on life.  It was nice to see such an eclectic mix of people getting along so well. Though the race course itself wasn’t particularly prepared for the large crowd the craft beer night drew, my family still had a great time trying something out of the ordinary and meeting new people.

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