A Fruitful Summer

At the beginning of the summer, we had planted our first vegetable garden.  Fortunately our tomato plants have been doing extremely well …

mutant tomatoes

But unfortunately, due to a wind storm we had about a month ago, our plants blew over and couldn’t be staked up.  Our poor other vegetables (jalapenos, basil, peppers) have now been overtaken.  Oh well, we’ve learned our lesson for next year, AND we have about a hundred of tomatoes to enjoy.


This is just the first round of picking

I’ve been researching some good ways to preserve tomatoes for the winter, including a yummy pasta sauce.  I’ll post the recipe once I’ve had a chance to try it – but please feel free to leave any recipe recommendations in the comments below!

The rest of our garden has been doing well too.  Just look at our “julia child” roses!


We’ve been so happy with how these flowers have continued to bloom throughout the summer.

Garden Flowers

How’s your garden been doing this year?  Anything particular outgrowing the rest, like our tomatoes?

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